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How do you delete your newgrounds account?

2011-12-05 18:52:06 by RicTheSoulReaper

I feel like I need to restart through newgrounds since I've been inactive. If anybody wants to add me on deviantart before I go, I have an account name under Ricinator0.

So tell me, how do you delete your newgrounds account?


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2011-12-06 01:12:37

You shouldn't just get your account deleted all willy nilly. But if you want to "restart", you can request all your posts and reviews and stuff to be reset. But it's not like you have much to be reset.


2011-12-06 01:14:32

Since I won't be here to respond to whatever questions you may ask. It's just that you've been on Newgrounds for less than a year, and you've only made a single flash.

If you mean that you're leaving to Deviantart, just forget about this account and it'll get pruned eventually.