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Newcomer: Ric The Soul Reaper

2011-07-22 14:09:04 by RicTheSoulReaper

Guys, I have a newgrounds!
The reason I haven't submitted my intro yet is because I'm starting another project based on something like a "Welcome to Newgrounds" sprite animation. It won't be as good as most of the people on newgrounds, but I'm 14! Going to be 15 next month. I myself require my parents approval to obtain the technology I need to really make a good series, and my parents still think I have too much stuff as it is. I'm getting to the age where my parents push me to earn my own money to buy stuff like this. I'm already working with my dad like once a month. At this point, it's just really hard for me. Teenagers shouldn't have a Newgrounds until they're ^16, us teenagers are usually more interested in sh*t like sports and skateboarding and girlfriends. However, I spend my freetime here where people spend their time IN COLLEGE, and yet, I seem to be able to keep up with the pace. This is a big step though, moving from DeviantART to Newgrounds, so I might not get the best support. But if you do support me, your help is greatly appreciated! =D
Either way, expect a welcome video for myself. I should start strong with this since I'm playing with the big kids now!


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2011-07-22 14:42:41

great to have you buddy!